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Cruise ships stop in Saint-Malo
spring 2009

Seabourn Pride
Seabourn Pride on May 8, 2009 (Photo Frédérique Dupuy)

On 15 April 2009, the cruise ship Astor of the German company Transocean Tours has launched the 2009 season stops for cruise ships in Saint-Malo. This ship of 176 m long then stopped at Rouen on 16 and then to Dover.

Saint-Malo is a stopover for repositioning cruises. Indeed, cruises are held in summer in the Nordic countries, and winter in the warm waters of the Mediterranean or Caribbean. Stops in Saint-Malo have place around May and September, during the migration of cruise ships.
Tender of Silver Shadow in 2007
Saint-Malo receives annually about twenty ships for one day stops. In general, the vessels are too long to enter the port and remain at anchor in the bay of Dinard. Passengers reach Saint-Malo with tenders, small boats that are both shuttles and rescue boats.

The main attraction for tourists is the Mont-Saint-Michel.

Forecast for cruise ship stopovers in 2009


Le Diamant
Le Diamant
Cruise shipIMOFlagDate
Le Diamant (1)7325629Wallis2009-05-06
Delphin Voyager8902333Bahamas2009-05-06 (2)
Seabourn Pride (1)8707343Norvege2009-05-08
Princess Daphne5282627Portugal2009-05-10
Island Sky8802894Bahamas2009-05-18
Regatta (1)9156474Iles Marshal2009-05-21
C. Colombus9138329Bahamas2009-05-22
Azamara Journey (1)9200940Malte2009-05-29
Sea Cloud 2 (1)9171292Malte2009-05-31
Sea Cloud 2 (1)9171292Malte2009-06-08
Van Gogh7359400I. Marshall2009-06-14
Costa Marina 6910544Liberia2009-06-17
(1)cruise ship with a stopover in 2008
(2)Cancelled stopover