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A ship at ramdom
 Etoile du Roy
Etoile du Roy

Here are the most representative boats of Saint-Malo and the surroundings.

You will find for each boat, photographs, characteristics, practical information, information on the modeling plans and models.
Rubrique : Fishing vessels

A lot of fishing boats could be seen in Bouvet bassin, or moored in front of Dinard and Cancale.
Here are shown some of them , also with the trawlers of Compagnie de Pêches-Saint Malo.

History : Pleven fisheries

Founded in Saint-Malo in 1930, Pleven ficheries followed by Comapêche were the last heirs of a long tradition of cod fishing on the banks of Newfoundland. Here are the boats which were part of the fleet to Great Fishing.

Etoile de France
Focus on Etoile de France

The schooner with topsail Etoile de France is since 2007 the Bob Escoffier's fleet flagship at Etoile Marine Croisières.