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Les vieux gréements Dories

Dory in Cancale

In all anchoring of the region of saint Malo, you can see a lot of of dories.
The dory was at the origin used by fishing shooners to fish cod in the North Atlantic near Newfoundland. It was served by two sailors who were going several miles from the mother ship to put down lines to catch cods. When the fishing schooners desappeared, this boat stayed as the boat to make everything in the region.

Some dories are rigged with a triangular sail and a jib (see also: Sail and Oar)

   For modelers, a 1/20 plan was published in number 28 (august-september 1999) of the magazine "Bateau Modèle".

A second plan is available to the "Association des Amis du Musée de la Marine".

An other plan is available in the book of M. Jean Le Bot: "La bisquine à Cancale et à Granville" and also in the number 33 of the magazine "Chasse Marée".
Dory in Cancale

 Length5.9 m 
 Breadth1.8 m
Dory in Rothéneuf