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retour Etoile du Roy

Saint-Malo (2010-08-08) - Etoile du Roy
Saint-Malo (2010-08-08)
Etoile du Roy

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Saint-Malo (2010-08-08) Etoile du RoySaint-Malo (2010-08-08) Etoile du RoySaint-Malo (2010-08-08) Etoile du RoySaint-Malo (2002-08-05) Figurehead of Grand TurkBaie de Saint-Malo (2002-08-10) At sea for the filming of Mr NSaint-Malo (2002-08-09) Grand Turk
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 Flag Angleterre (Londres) 
 Year of build1982 
The three-masted Etoile du Roy is a replica of a 6th rank frigate in the Royal Navy.

Build in Turky under th name Grand Turk, she appears in the following films:

Hornblower (TV series), 1998-2003.
Longitude - Granada Productions, A & E, 2000.
Monsieur N, 2003.
To the Ends of the Earth - BBC, Tightrope Pictures, 2005.

Some scenes from the film Monsieur N, directed by Antoine Decaune, were filmed aboard the Grand Turk in Saint-Malo. The Gig Tolèrance also appeared on the set.

Acquired by Etoile Marine, she has joined Saint-Malo in late March and was renamed Etoile du Roy.

Last update : 2010-08-08