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 () - Under nederland flag
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 () Under nederland flagSaint-Malo (2010-08-08) La MalouineSaint-Malo (2010-08-08) La Malouine
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 Flag France 
 Length30 m 
 Breadth6 m
 Draught3 m 
 Gross Tonnage70 t 
 Year of build1972 

This brig comes  from Holland where she was operated for eighteen years, under the name of Willem. She was chartered in Baltic Sea. Her new owner, François Bertrand has found a name that sounds good: La Malouine.

This vessel has two masts rising to 22 and 24 meters, 11 sails, with a total area of 480 square meters. She is also equipped with a 140 hp semi-rigid to land on the beaches of the islands.

The boat can take up to 22 passengers in long cruises (Channel and Channel Islands), and 36 passengers on day trips, with a crew of three men. From October to April, she will work in Cape Verde.

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The Malouine is also the name of a new brand of beer.



Built in Gdansk in Poland in 1972 under the name of Bogdan, this boat was originally a tug which served until 1992 in the former East Germany, where the presence of an oversized kitchen, and sealed metal door. 14 ships of the same type were built.

In 1992, two of these boats are bought by an owner Netherlands and receive a brigantine rig by Olivier van Meer. Both ships are renowned Willem and Wytske Eelkje. The idea of the new owner was to have two sailing ships easily sailed and fast enough to race against each other.

The Willem was bought in 2010 by Francois Bertrand to operate in Saint-Malo and the islands of Cape Verde in winter. She was renamed La Malouine April 10, 2010 in Saint-Malo.

End of 2012, La Malouine is bought by Michel Diss from Granville, owner and manager of Lys cruises president of the association partner  Mer, voile, pêche à Granville (MVPG).

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