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Compagnie des Pêches Saint-Malo

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Compagnie des Pêches Saint-Malo is the new name for Comapêche.

Founded in 1982, Comapêche is the direct heir to a long tradition of cod fishery on the banks of Newfoundland. It was born of the resumption of the Pleven fisheries by Fernand Leborgne.
You can find more information about the Compagnie des Pêches Saint-Malo on their site:

The Compagnie des Pêches Saint-Malo has no more than two boats based in Saint Malo:
Joseph Roty II and Grande Hermine.

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Fernand Leborgne, the founder of the Comapêche, has written a book recounting his life devoted to the Great Fishing. From his childhood in Fécamp to the creation of the Comapêche, he tells his life, his struggles ...

In 1982, Pleven Fisheries showing difficulties, Fernand Leborgne creates Comapêche. The company has 3 boats then almost identical : Victor Pleven, Capitaine Pleven II and Joseph Roty II.

1985 The trawler-factory Grande Hermine is build in Saint-Malo and complete the Comapêche fleet.

1988 The Comapêche diversifies and creates subsidiary Unifipêche in French Guyana to exploit fishing quotas for shrimp .

1990 In preparation of end of the cod fishery in Newfoundland, Capitaine Pleven II was refurbished to test the production of Surimi.

1991 Capitaine Pleven II sand in Irlande.

1992 Capitaine Pleven II equipments are recovered and Joseph Roty II , in turn, is transformed for the production of Surimi.

1993 The Comapêche having no more quota cod fishery in Newfoundland , Victor Pleven is sold.

2004 Comapêche is renamed Compagnie des Pêches Saint-Malo and the Joseph Roty II underges a further overhaul to modernize its production facilities of surimi.