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retourtrawler-factory Grande Hermine

Saint-Malo (2001-05-18) - Vauban dock
Saint-Malo (2001-05-18)
Vauban dock

Saint-Malo (2001-05-18) Vauban dockSaint-Malo (2001-05-18) with tug Corsaire Malouin
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 Flag France (Saint-Malo) 
 Length61.55 m 
 Breadth15 m
 Draught5.4 m 
 Gross Tonnage987 t 
 Speed14.3 knt 
 Year of build1985 
 ShipyardAteliers et Chantiers de la Manche (Saint-Malo) 
Build in Saint-Malo in 1985 at Ateliers et Chantiers de la Manche, Grande Hermine is a trawler-factory. She uses to fish cod and haddock off the Norvegian coasts. She produces directly saleable frozen fillets.
Grande Hermine is the most recent boat of Compagnie des Pêches Saint-Malo (ex COMAPECHE). She embarks 30 crew members for 2 or 3 monthes campaigns. She is propelled by a 2700 HP diesel Sultzer moteur diesel Sulzer de 2700 CV and a controllable pitch screw propeller.

photo report: Grande Hermine returns from campaig

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